Dipl.-Chem. (Univ.), Dr. rer. nat .; More than 15 years of management experience in internationally operating group and medium-sized companies with personnel (> 100 employees) and sales responsibility (> 17 million EUR). Plant manager in companies of the steel supplier-, agricultural-, feed- and food-industry. Branch manager in contract manufacturing companies for the chem. industry including distribution (agricultural chemistry, chemical products, product refining). Operational Manager for the production of flexible service packaging made of paper. Head of strategic projects with focus on cost accounting, ISO certifications and product- and production-strategies. Management officer for quality, environmental and safety management systems. Operators of installations subject to approval, fault management, work safety and employee qualification.
Generalist with successes in the optimization of value chains (production, supply chain), operational controlling and CRM, QM and QS, strategic management (planning and implementation, restructuring and investment), employee organization and development. Europe-wide travel activity for customer consulting, support, acquisition and project management.

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