Honesty – Communicating faithfully
At NSC1967 honesty is the cornerstone of business cooperation. It marks the claim of the “Honest Merchant”, from whose model the credibility principle is based. We say what we do and we do what we say!

We have to take care of the facts and circumstances that are entrusted to us or become aware of our services.

We will protect our duty of loyalty to the client; this also applies outside of professional activity. We have to be cooperative with other consulting companies.

In consultancy or service activities, we have to record all material facts relevant to the assessment and to analyze and present them solely on the basis of the matter.

All internal processes and information of our customers are treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Order-related documents are not passed on to third parties.

Unfortunately, we are increasingly observing the trend that companies are viewed as “complex machines” and that the individual falls into the background. Our understanding is that the human being and the associated humanity must never be forgotten. Even with tough and difficult decisions, we still have to be able to look us in a mirror.

Professional Competence
We are constantly developing ourselves to create the greatest possible value for our customers. We reject orders which personally or professionally over-strain us or pass them on to suitable colleagues.

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