A few years in the past: The so-called “globalization” in the form of a financial investor has hit and a company has been “swallowed”. In the case of the rapid restructuring, it was anticipated that many jobs would be left behind: “lean management”, “risk analysis”, “face out” and “synergies” were suddenly popular words to turn a traditional company on its head, Everything. As a result, a number of consulting companies presented their visions of a future, in which customers should only play a role as a means of earning money and employees as willing tools. In the foreground was the “value” of the company, not its “value added”. Now it was time for me to think about whether I would continue to be a tool …

The time “in between”: The decision to leave a secure occupational position was taken, my world changed, not only professionally but also privately. In temporary project work, I was able to bring my collected professional and life experiences to different companies, but it was clear that this was not the goal. Working away from the “home”, employers who had been battered by economic or other crises and, in particular, a growing family, were reasons for “time-outs”.

The present: It was once again such a conversation, which stimulated thought: In the search for new projects and tasks, I was rejected as an applicant because I am “overqualified” !? Not the first time … After initial rage on a really perverse statement was born the idea of ​​becoming one’s own boss, it only took a little overcoming to take the step into the business start.

Norbert Schätz Consultancy is founded: A simple administrative act: application for a tax number at the finance office and “registration” as a freelancer, that’s it, at least formally. The task was clear: with my ability, knowledge and experience to support other companies in projects, tasks or challenges, actually what I have done all the years before. A company name was also found quickly, it should be unique as well as the recognition value. N SC was already a long used abbreviation of me, as a shorthand on business papers and for internal identification, derived from my first and last name Norbert SChätz, from which became NSC, the Norbert Schätz Consultancy, or briefly: NSC1967, combined with my birth year, because only “NSC” alone was not unique.

The future: the future began in the late summer 2016 and a step towards this homepage. And everything that this future will bring is in the “News” on this homepage. I hope, and work on a successful future, and look forward to everyone who supports me!

Dr. Norbert Schätz

“NSC1967” founded